REVEL in a new way to shop online!

For my capstone project in my master’s program, my partner and I developed a Google Chrome extension that allows you to save links from e-commerce websites to a collective “cart” to better organize your online shopping experience.


  1. SHOP – Choose the Revel Google Chrome extension icon from any website.
  2. ORGANIZE – Add helpful tags to your item, like shoes, books, or presents for mom.
  3. SAVE – Save your item to return to at any time on the Revel website. It’s that easy.

Save and organize your online wishlist.
Anytime, anywhere.

Easy-save Chrome extension
Download the Revel Chrome extension to save links for any item you find online.

Organize items using tags
Add tags to organize items that you save. Future you will thank you.

Save links from any website
Use Revel on any e-commerce website to save shopping items for later.

Log in on any computer
Easily log in from any computer to view your saved items.

To learn more about REVEL, click here.