Access workforce information wherever and whenever, but you have to work for it.

You clock in, then clock out and go about your day. Suddenly you have the urge to check your work schedule for the rest of the week on your Kronos Mobile app. You come to find that the app is quite difficult to navigate through, and the design seems slightly outdated. It’s because it is.

Kronos Mobile, a time-reporting system used for submitting employee hours to payroll, is used by many businesses. It’s also used for checking schedules, approving timecards, swapping shifts, and requesting time off from work. In this article, I will be speaking from the employee’s perspective of the app.

Currently, it sits at #9 in business on the App Store. However, it has a 1.6 star rating. (since I began this design critique, the app went from #12 to #9 in business…confusing for everyone). How can an app with such a low rating have so many downloads? It’s probably because business people don’t pay attention to design and UX as much as we do.

These are some of the reviews the app received:

“The worst app I’ve ever used!”
“If I could give 0 stars, I would.”

How bad could it be? Pretty bad.

Kronos Mobile Pages

Homepage, Schedule, Availability request pages

While the concept is there and could benefit everyone, it’s poorly executed. Gradient backgrounds are ineffective unless they’re VERY well done or minimally used. I don’t think the gradient makes the design look any better, and the icons are pretty outdated and clunky. Also, you would think you can tap on your name on the bottom left, nope. Usually, your notifications would be in a tab under “My Tasks.”

When you move onto the Schedule page, it doesn’t get much better. While simple and easy to follow, why are the schedules times noted twice? There is no clear hierarchy. What is the most important information?

The next image is when you would edit your availability hours. To me, it looks clunky, and when you’re using it the first time, it’s not super intuitive. For days you’re only available at a certain time frame, why not just list those times and leave the times you’re unavailable out of the chart?

What’s still the biggest problem? There’s no nav bar!

No nav bar, big problem.

Since there’s no nav bar, you always have to go back to the home page. And when you do, the screen always refreshes, every single time.

So, here are my solutions.

Schedule page before and after with new navigation bar.

I took inspiration from another workforce app called Branch Messenger. It does what Kronos does, but better. Branch’s layout was cleaner and had hierarchy which made following through the app easier. It also allows employees to communicate to employers for efficiently.

The redesign is more simple and minimalistic. The nav bar allows you to jump through different pages without having to go back to the home page every time. I also added a notification bell on the top right corner to allow easy access to urgent information from managers. With the new design, there is an evident hierarchy. You see the most important information is the date you’re working next.

Before and after of availability request.

Adding that contrast of color makes your availability a little more obvious to managers.

Overall, Kronos Mobile has so much potential to benefit its users. Their current version does get the job done, but why not please your employees?