With this independent study for my final Emerging Media project, I wanted to showcase my skills as a project manager and designer for a client. That client was my mom. She is a freelance dressmaker and fashion designer who makes hundreds of clothes from swimwear to elegant gowns. I wanted to create a landing page for her to present who she is, what services she offers, and some of her work and clients so that she can show this website to future clients.

I started this project by coming up with a brand name. The client’s name is Samhwa Kang, so I wanted the brand name to be simple and honestly just straight to the point. SHK was the result. Every aspect of the branding was going to be simple. No fuss, no frills, just this is who she is and what she can do for your business. After deciding on the brand name, I created several logo options before landing on the final design. With that logo, came along the brand guidelines for the website and any future marketing material and business card.

Now the fun part. I wanted to hone my digital illustration skills in Adobe Illustrator, so I have created digital illustrations for 4 different outfits, all for different seasons/occasions: Swimwear, Casual, Cocktail, and Formal. These are all clothes by Samhwa Kang for her various clients. I’ve decided to lay them on a background that matched the aesthetic of the outfit to give it a more collage/modern feel. 

Swim: Iris Swimsuit for Diva Kurves Collection (@thedivakurvescollection).
“This color block two piece is definitely one of a kind. Perfect for lounging by the pool, beach or pretty much everywhere. Definitely surfboard approved!”

Casual: The Anastasia Pink Velvet Blazer Dress is for the brand IMME COLLECTION (@immecollection). The original photo was taken by Blaire Devereaux (@pbd) for Control Magazine (@kontrolmag) and was modeled by Blac Chyna (@blacchyna).
“This super chic hot pink velvet blazer dress is a MUST HAVE. With high padded shoulders, gold crystal embellished buttons, and a super sexy curve-creating fit, you’re sure to have all eyes on you. Wear it during the day to close your next business deal or for date night with your babe.”

Cocktail:  Maria Black Midi Skirt Set is also for IMME COLLECTION (@immecollection).
“When a little black dress is a little too typical, the IMME COLLECTION Maria Skirt Set will exude the proper amount of sexy and sophistication to stand out from the crowd. This black high-waist pencil fit midi skirt and matching crop top is adorned with gold glitter pinstripes that sparkle in the light and coordinate beautifully with your favorite gold accessories.”

Formal: Silver Sequin Gown for SHEABELLA COLLECTION (@nellyb_sheabella). The original photo was taken by @eyecandyanthony and modeled by Lauren Speed-Hamilton (@need4lspeed).

*all handles are Instagram accounts.
**gallery/slideshow of outfits will be on final website.

With all these components, I developed a simple landing page website using Bootstrap. Here’s a quick overview.

I hope this website can help my client in future business endeavors by better informing her possible clients on what she does and how well. This project allowed me to work in different roles of being a designer and also the project manager, setting goals and deadlines for myself so that I can move onto the next step in the product development process, improving my time management skills as well.

I had a lot of fun with this project. I really wanted to work more with Illustrator since over the past few years, I’ve mainly worked on marketing design for UGA. That’s fun too, but I felt the urge to work more freely without very strict guidelines. Seeing your designs come to life is such a satisfying feeling. When you finally finish a digital illustration piece after hours of concentration, you feel so accomplished.